How to Get the Most from Your Day + Free AMAZING Printable

The process of achieving our goals is made up of hundreds of incremental steps. How can you make sure you stay on track with all those steps? Jim says that the best way to stay on track is to literally write down your activities on a day-to-day basis. He calls this

getting the most FROM the day.

By keeping a written record of your life, YOU STAY ACCOUNTABLE. You're able to REVIEW and REFLECT. You can see what worked and what didn't work. You can squeeze more value and lessons from the day that you can use to be better and do better in the future.

If you haven't listened to the video above, please do. It's amazing. Below, you can see how I've illustrated the fantastic points that Jim Rohn shares:


Earn all you can

Make all the friends you can

Read as many books as you can

Develop as many skills as you can

See as much as possible

Do as much as possible

Make as much of a fortune as possible

Give away as much as possible

How do we "Choose the All"? By doing the best we can. How do we do the best we can? By reflecting on our activity so that we can always be improving it. How do we reflect on our activity? By keeping a written record of it.

And now for the golden question: How do we keep a written record of our activity in the most effective and efficient way possible?

Well, for me, I have been putting all this into practice by using my Life Binder on a near-daily basis. It's been by my side for the past 5 years and has helped me develop an awareness around my goals and my progress that I never had before.

To help you experience what I mean, I've taken some of the best bits of my Life Binder and put it into a single-page FREE printable that you can download HERE

Use it to PLAN, DO, and REVIEW your performance each week. You're going to feel amazing as you put it to work and revisit it every day.

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