Take 100% responsibility for your life!

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Hi, I'm Michelle Rohr. I started The Secret OWL Society to share my journey in taking 100% responsibility for my life.


Here's my story... 

I got to a point in my life where I realized that I had just lived the same year twice - and it was a mediocre year. So I did something very simple that changed my life. Every Saturday, I packed my pens and my worksheets and drove to a coffee shop in town where I would sit down for hours and work on my life. Soon, I was inviting other girls to join me in my little weekly goal setting sessions. And then one of the girls wanted to invite someone, but this someone could never make it to the meeting. So that gave me an idea: What if I put what we learn on a blog? That way everyone can have this information even if they can't make it on Saturday. I truly believe that because I was willing to help just one person, I've been blessed with the opportunity to help thousands through my little home here on the web.

This happened too...

I want you to know that I don't just sit around blogging all day about personal development without actually getting out there and putting this knowledge to work. On those Saturdays at the coffee shop, I would connect with my big dreams but I knew that meant nothing without action. I jumped head first into my fears because I knew that this was the fastest way to become a better person and break out of my routine. I hosted bigger and better workshops, I spoke on stages to hundreds of teenagers, I hosted a business radio show, I developed several businesses from scratch, I'd give away personal development books to random people I didn't know - the girl checking out my groceries at the store, the teller at the bank depositing my check. I kept up this blog even though there were plenty of times when I've thought, "Eeek! I don't know if I want everyone to read this." It wasn't easy, but every day I found a way to give that little bit of extra effort that ended up making all the difference.

What The Secret O.W.L Society is all about...

I want to help people understand that the secret to really designing your ideal life starts with taking 100% responsibility for it. And guess what? You have 100% control over taking 100% responsibility right now. You don't have to wait till you "have your act all together" or till you're doing everything perfectly. Taking 100% responsibility is an attitude, a direction, a way of life, a way of looking at the world. It means that you don't let "life happen to you." Instead, you happen to your life! As long as you stay hungry to learn how you can do better, be better, and live better, you are taking 100% responsibility. You're not like so many other people out there drifting and feeling like they know it all. You are obsessed with learning and that's what raises your life to a higher level year after year. This is what has been happening for me.



By the way O.W.L stands for -

"Obsessed With Learning."



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