5 Reasons Why I Love Blogging


It gave me the experience of starting something.  There's magic in throwing any thought about "what if this fails?" or "what if this succeeds?" out of the window and just do it to DO IT and SEE WHAT HAPPENS.  Now I'm a chronic starter and it's a great way to live - like eating opportunities and challenges for breakfast every day. :)


It taught me what it means to add value to people's lives.  Life doesn't work until you learn how to add value to other people.


It made me more aware of how awesome my life is.


It's brought incredible opportunities into my life because I'm able to express who I am and what I can do for people by just giving someone the web address to my blog.  I can only communicate so much in a face-to-face conversation!  This blog does so much of my communicating for me.  One of my most amazing business partners came to me because she read this blog and reached out to me because of what she read.


It gives my creative side "a home".  And in case you haven't watched the incredibly enlightening and funny TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson, then hurry and watch it and know why the world (and economy) is rewarding people who are bold enough to be creative.

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