How to never waste your time

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we feel like our time is being wasted - long lines, slow service, late-comers, etc.  It can be tempting to feel like we're the victims of other people who don't have enough respect for our busy schedules: "I got places to go and things to do...hurry up!"

But the only person responsible for wasting our time is ourselves because we are choosing to see that "waiting time" as a waste instead of an opportunity to...

- meditate

- pray

- read

- make a phone call

- update our calendar

- catch up on email

- listen to a podcast

So, always carry a book with you (or download nook or kindle), subscribe to podcasts on your iPod and carry earphones, keep a rosary in your purse, carry your Life Binder around with you so that you can open it up and look at your goals and whatever else you have going on.

There! You can turn what could have been a negative experience of feeling victimized by outside circumstances into a positive experience of taking 100% responsibility for what happens to you so that you can start happening to it!

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Michelle Rohr3 Comments