What do you want to manifest?

What do you want to manifest this month?

Just by having clarity around what you want, you set in motion the process of making things happen.

I received this lovely email from Diana who filled out the Hello February printable last month that I think illustrates this point quite well:


I don't do this, but I had to share.  I was turned onto SOS by a friend of mine, Amanda.  I filled it out and after a day or so, forgot about it.  I pulled it out today and read it over.

Whoa!!  Wait a minute!!  I did 90% of what I wrote down!  How did that happen?  I didn't reference every day.  I didn't "work" on it.  I just stumbled along the way I do and yet.... 90%!

Thanks Michelle!  It seems there is much magic in words, more in writing, and when our subconscious gets hold of an idea logically organized and attractively presented it doesn't really matter what we perceive ourselves having done or not done, PROGRESS IS MADE!!!

I'm an OWLER for LIFE!!!!

Totally committed, 


How exciting is that? I hope Diana's experience inspires you to take the time to fill out this printable and see what happens with just a little bit of action + intention.