Hello September | Free Printable


Hello September. :) Can you believe we are already in the "BER" months? How's it going? Did you achieve your goals in August? Did you even check? 

These printables are your opportunity to check in with yourself and your life. I never check off every goal I set for myself, but that little bit of extra attention helps set my subconscious in the right direction and I always take more action than I would have otherwise. 

So let's check in! Here are my 3 goals that I wrote down in my "Hello August" printable last month and here's how I did:

Goal #1: List 2 Life Binders on Etsy and website.

Outcome: I ended up listing my newest $10 Essentials edition of my Ultimate Life Binder and decided to keep my Brilliant Color edition of my Ultimate Life Binder exclusive for members of my S.O.S. Club.

Lesson: It's okay to shift your goals as you go through the month and see what makes the most sense for you. Allow yourself to pivot.

Goal #2: Make $6,000 to $8,000 in revenue

Outcome: SUCCESS! I reached over $7,000 in revenue for the month of August from my online business. Most of that was passive income.

Lesson: Every time someone buys my Life Binder or my Passive Income with Printables course, I record the transaction in the Money section of my personal Life Binder immediately. Then I add it up to see where I'm at with my revenue in total. I constantly look at where I'm at and where I want to be by the end of the month and I identify how much money I have to make every day in order to stay on track. Instead of focusing on "I need to make $7,000 this month" all month, I'll focus on how much I need to make each day. Telling your brain "I need to make $100 a day" is a lot easier to chew on than "I need to make $7000 this month." Then I can look at my products and realize "That's easy - I just need to sell this or that each day to hit that goal."

Goal #3: Hire a doula and attend baby prep classes.

Outcome: Done - my husband and I hired a doula and already had one home visit and solidified our birth plan with her. We've signed up for 2 classes happening this month and attended a tour of the labor and delivery area of the hospital.

Lesson: Don't just set business goals, set life goals. Keep the wheel of your life turning.