How to Shift from Making "Some Money" to Building a REAL Business

How to Shift from Making Some Money to Building a REAL Business

While I may not be a millionaire (yet), I've learned some things that have helped me go from making a little bit money here and there with my business to making a full time income.

Typically when we start our business, we're thinking of how we can make more sales. That's a great place to start - that's where I started, but if you only focus on that, you'll be on a hamster wheel and feel like your business only works when you do.

There's a mental shift that has to happen in every person that starts a business.

Essentially it all comes down to intentionally and passionately focusing on building a growing community of people that you absolutely love to serve.

Once you do that, you start to see how you can weave your business together in such a way that you're thinking way beyond just selling someone something.

You start to see how you can start to craft a customer journey and have customers that love you and stay with you for years and years.

That's the shift that makes ALL the difference for you and for the person spending money with you.