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The Plan, Do, Review method is a practice that ensures we are living on an upward cycle of success. It’s exactly how we improve 1% each and every day for a 365% improvement by the end of the year.

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A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing through the printables I’ve made and shared over the past few years and realised that a certain template I created was downloaded over 14,000 times!

It was my Week at a Glance Plan, Do, Review template.

I remember back when I first created it in Google Docs (before I ever learned how to use Apple Pages to design my printables). I had been practicing the magic of the Plan, Do, Review concept.

The Plan, Do, Review Method

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The Plan, Do, Review method is a practice that ensures we are living on an upward cycle of success. It’s exactly how we improve 1% each and every day for a 365% improvement by the end of the year.

It’s how we make every year 10 times better than the last.

When we are mindful of approaching our goals, schedule, and plans through the filter of “plan, do, review”, we stay focused on what works and we do more of it.

Last week I was at a conference with 30,000 other entrepreneurs. It was the 10X Growth Con hosted by Grant Cardone and he said something that I immediately wrote down and even posted on my Instagram.

He said that the biggest mistake we make in our business is when we find something that works and then oddly enough, we don’t keep doing it!

The same can be said for life. In fact, before I called my Ultimate Life Binder™ the name it is today, I called it the “What Makes Life Work” Binder.

I was (and still am) slightly obsessed with figuring out what makes life work.

What Makes Life Work

When we aren’t actively engaging ourselves in how we can make life easier and better, life tends to go the other way.

When this happens, you end up drifting and living the same mediocre year on repeat.

The more I paid attention to what made my life work, the more I was able to do more of the right things more often. I could FEEL the power I had to design MY life My way.

So What Does This Look Like?

At the end of every year, month, week, day, you can ask yourself: What worked? What didn’t work?

And then you simply do more of what works and shift, eliminate or pivot on the things that don’t work.

It sounds too easy doesn’t it?

I’m reminded of a story I read once of a woman who was married to business man who owned a large company. The man died and she became a widow with no real experience of how to run the business that was left to her. However, she became the reason that the company grew bigger and faster than ever before.


Every week she would just do one thing.

She’d go to the company and ask what was working and when the employees informed her with the answer, she’d tell them “Great, do more of that.”

When was the last time you asked yourself what was working in your life and incorporated a plan to do even more of it moving forward?

The Upward Spiral of Success

So back to the printable that got over 14,000 downloads.

My mind started churning in regards to the plan, do, review method and the little weekly printable I made to practice it and I realized that I wanted to bring it into the spotlight even more and help people really commit to using it and reaping the benefits.

Blank 1000 x 1000 (1).png

(Plus, I have big goals myself and need to get back on top of using this printable every day too.)

An idea popped into my head: What if I make this printable feel like a new experience every month so that it feels new and exciting to use every month?

In the spirit of doing more of what works, I can say that this printable WORKS. It packs everything someone needs to live their life on an upward cycle all one one page.

And so the idea I had was to create a Plan, Do, Review Weekly Printable Hub to not only share this printable, but to add new designs of the same template throughout the year to make sure you (and I) never get bored of using it!

Why I’m Charging Just $1 for the Plan, Do, Review Printable Hub

So for just $1, I’m giving people access to an ever growing library of versions of my most popular single-page printable.


Because I want as many people to access it while still having the benefit of investing in themselves.

I’ve given away a lot of freebies and I’ve downloaded a lot of freebies and I’ve learned that I only really use what I pay money for and the only people who really care about what I’m doing on this blog are people who have become Secret O.W.L. Society customers.

So I’m shifting my focus from constantly giving away freebies as I did in the past to encouraging people instead to take that one small step of investing even just a little in themselves while I do my best to make sure what they get in return is packed with on-going value.

The Bottom Line

My husband and I at the Grant Cardone 10X Growth Con.

My husband and I at the Grant Cardone 10X Growth Con.

Bottom line: this printable works.

Other bottom line: for planner enthusiasts, keeping our planners fresh with new designs is part of how we stay consistent with using our planners.

I hope my combo of these two truths helps you in your own journey of taking 100% responsibility for your life.

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