Selling Printables on Etsy - How to Use Your Intuition is the Key to Your Success

In a time when everyone is looking outside of themselves for the answers around how to build the business and life they want, it's only become more important than ever to learn to listen to your intuition. You have a compass inside of you right now letting you know at every step of the way what is right for you. In this episode, Aimee and I talk about how to tune into that voice better.

In this episode of the Michelle & Aimee show, some of the things we talk about are:

- Why plans are useless, but planning is everything

- To blog or not to blog? - Why we never really "chose a niche"

- How to really use your intuition to your advantage in business

- Michelle's strategy for building a community beyond Etsy

- Aimee's epiphanies after her first year selling on Etsy and reaching over 700 sales

:: Action Step to Take ::

Honor your intuition by having a way to log the ideas that it sends you. Make sure that this is done in ONE designated place that works for you on a daily basis - like an app or a place in a your planner.