Below you can check out the Etsy shops of some of my students and shop for amazing printables!

Looking for someone who can design printables for you? You can see which sellers below offer this service and reach out to them by clicking through to their shop and sending them a message on Etsy.


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July Alexandrov | FreetitudePrintables

offers custom printable design services

I like to simplify things, make them practical and easy to follow, so I created my own set of printable tools to help me to take care of myself, identify my passion and clear the mindset blocks in my way.

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Larisa Van Houtven | TealTulipDesignShop

offers custom printable design services

My aim is to bring little moments of joy by providing fun printables for creative projects.

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Karen Kohn | lovingmondays

I've been helping people develop life plans and effective goals for over 27 years. The life planning printables at Loving Mondays are designed to help people find their motivation to continue creating their best life possible.


Aimee Johanan | AimeeTodayPrintables

I make printables to help people change their lives one habit at a time! I am a messy creative myself and began habit tracking as a way to intentionally practice who I want to become, and it's changed everything for me! :)

Tasneem Chandia.png

Tasneem Chandia | PlannersEtc

offers custom printable design services

I have been a paper lover ever since I can remember. Be it a little notebooks or a pad to jot down my ideas. 

Planners etc is created as a place for me to share my passion for planners with fellow planner lovers; helping them plan and achieve their success stories.

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Patricia Solis | ishineprintables

offers custom printable design services

I believe in the power of girls! My mission is to inspire girls. I want to help them grow to be confident in themselves and show the world how bright they SHINE. I create fun and inspirational printables for girls, moms and women who love inspiration.

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Emily Fotis | EmmyCat

offers custom printable design services

I have been an artist and graphic designer for pretty much my entire life, and I am passionate about creating functional and beautiful printables for every occasion and need. So far my line includes printable a coloring book (soon to be two), and greeting cards. I'm still in the beginnings of exploring the applications of my designs and ideas, but I am excited to create a printables empire that employs my own art and design "voice."

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Amanda | AutonomousINK

offers custom printable design services

I enjoy crafting designs and practical printables that work auspiciously with the phases of the moon and other astrological affirmations. My lastest project is the Alchemist Agenda, a workbook for the everyday alchemist. 


Kristen | DefinedPrintables

I am passionate about fitness and saving money. I design all types of lifestyle/mom printables.

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Chisomo Fajardo | CalledOutLiving

After going through a tough time in life including post natal depression, I started to change my mindset and change my life. I'm passionate about creating planners and stationery that will help you dream, get clarity and take action to living a purposeful life.

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Kelly Neisler | KNeisDesign

offers custom printable design services

I'm an artist, illustrator, and calligrapher. I love illustrating scripture and quotes of all kinds. If you have a favorite, I would love to create it for you.

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Victoria Girard | LivingYourStrength

offers custom printable design services

I am passionate about inspiring other women to live a life filled with joy, meaning, and gratitude. I create printables and inspirational art that guide and offer gentle reminders about being true to their inner strengths and to embrace their own unique magnificence.

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Claire Gursoy | LittleFoxPrintables

This is my creative place to share with you all the helpful tools I use to plan, organize, create good habits and keep my mindset in check. I am particularly passionate about inspiring a positive outlook and supporting mental health for all ages, as this is very close to my heart.

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offers custom printable design services

Jenny Marchal | HelloLovelyPrintable

I create and sell printables that centre around personal growth, happiness and fun manifesting tools! I love the thought of helping people increase positivity in their lives in a fun and unique way.

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Kaela Beach | Helloearlybird

offers custom printable design services

I create time management printables to help people take back their time and conquer their to do lists. After I lost my husband in 2013, I realized time was our most precious commodity. I want people to get life’s tasks out of the way quickly so they can spend their time doing things they love or being with those they love. 

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Fi | FionaBarkerDesign

offers custom printable design services

I help motivate families with inspirational illustrations that promotes positivity in the home.


Jenna Holmes | FabAuraDesigns

I'm passionate about helping other women feel on top of their game by designing planners to help them get organised in life and/or their business. Im a huge fan of the law of attraction so I also design printable wall art to help other like minded women visualise their desired lifestyle 

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Janice | JaniceDesignsCo

I'm passionate about creating printables that inspire and help others to be more organized. I create printable planners, calendars, graphics, motivational and inspirational quotes. I am also passionate about designing and that is why I love to teach budding creatives to design better on my YouTube channel.

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Rosemary Minafo | loveupsidedown

I combine my love for photography and the art of words, scrambled up with lots of romance to create unique printable art. I have always had passion for writing and to me words can make or break your day. Why not inspire and create decor that captures the essence of how we feel?


Jayme Ballard | CupcakesAndHaystacks

offers custom printable design services

I LOVE creating things. I’m an artist at heart and have always had difficulty finding just the right planner. They rarely offered me the freedom to add my own personality and flair. I’m excited to offer a life planner that not only gives other Creatives the ability to build the perfect planner for their own unique needs, but I have also designed a number of printables that will encourage and inspire both their creative process and spiritual life!

alejandra (1).png

Alejandra | Alejandra’s Styles

Hola, my name is Alejandra and I believe that by writing down your goals, instead of just storing them in your brain, you start creating a roadmap to achieve them.  So, I design printable planners to make your journey more organized, while having fun learning along the way.  Nice to meet you!"

Cozy Writer's Room banner.png
Lia Munro Headshot.png

Lia Munro | CozyWritersRoom

As a writer, my biggest struggle was following through on my ideas to get to the end of a project. So I started creating printables that combine my favourite writing exercises with my geeky obsession for organization and productivity to help writers get from idea to finished story. 

valinda (1).png

Valinda Voogt

My printable shop is dedicated to helping moms. As a new mom I found out how challenging it can be to remember everything as time goes by too fast. My aim is to help moms stay organized in the chaos that is called motherhood. 

Vanessa (2).png


My dream is to create tools to help women move forward with their dreams, goals, habits, wishes and much more. I hope that with the digital kits and printables I offer you'll feel encourage in manifesting the life you always dreamed of. 

NicolePromoPic (1).png

Nicole Thompson

I'm over the moon for organization! I create printables for busy people who need better organizational habits, to banish the chaos in their lives. I've always been super organized, but when life strikes, things can get messy fast. I've developed systems to help get and KEEP you organized, even when life gets hectic. An organized space breaths calm into your life!

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Patty Brummelman | MindsetStuff

I’m passionate about helping people find out what it is they want so that they can achieve it.

Michelle Coberly ProjectPrintableCo (1).png

Michelle Coberly

I create printable planners to inspire people to believe in what’s possible, to help people live their best life and to empower people to become who they were always meant to be. My printables are designed to be the sweet point where big life aspirations meet the practical tools and resources that are essential for manifesting wholehearted transformation.


Sofia Mendoza

I’m a therapist by training and am passionate about helping people find their own ways to heal and live their lives according to what makes them happy. I create printables to motivate people to channel their inner wisdom and ideas for wellness and valued living. I create printables that make wellness accessible and practical.