Selling Printables on Etsy - How to Use Your Intuition is the Key to Your Success

Selling on Etsy | Passive Income | Make Money From Home | Printables | Inuition

In this episode of the Michelle & Aimee show, some of the things we talk about are:

- Why plans are useless, but planning is everything

- To blog or not to blog? - Why we never really "chose a niche"

- How to really use your intuition to your advantage in business

- Michelle's strategy for building a community beyond Etsy

- Aimee's epiphanies after her first year selling on Etsy and reaching over 700 sales

:: Action Step to Take ::

Honor your intuition by having a way to log the ideas that it sends you. Make sure that this is done in ONE designated place that works for you on a daily basis - like an app or a place in a your planner.