Hello October: Free Printable

I thought for this month's post, I'd try something different and just share my favourite things I'm experiencing this month so far. :)


The X Files on Netflix

Mulder! Scully! Are you an X Files fan? I can wait for season 10!


Any.Do for keeping all of my tasks in one place.

I love how it integrates with everything. Whenever I have something to do, I add it immediately to any.do and run through it at the end of the day.


Using Apple Pages to create my printables now. :)

I WILL create a video tutorial on this. It's my goal for this month.


The 10 item wardrobe.

I have achieved the 10 item wardrobe!!! And YES I will create a blog post with pictures this month.


At Home with Madame Chic and Jennifer Scott's videos

I got the audio book and loved it - helped me make a transformation (like the 10 item wardrobe).

How'd you like my favourite things post? 

Enjoy this month's printable! :)

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