How to use Pinterest to market your Etsy store

I wouldn't call myself a rockstar on Etsy (yet!), but I figured out a couple things that have helped me go from hardly any sales to 1-2 sales every single day. In my first 18 months on Etsy, I made about $1000 in sales (not really amazing for e-i-g-h-t-e-e-n months). In the last 3 months, however, I've jumped to making $1000 a month. That's a nice bit of extra income! :)

In this video, I go behind the scenes into how I've made that happen. If you've ever purchased anything from my Etsy store, you're a part of my success story and I thank YOU. :)

One thing I do want to point out in addition to the tips in the video is that I had a high motivation for treating my Etsy store more like a business and not just a hobby. My sister and I are leaving on a trip to Europe in a couple of weeks and I was very motivated to create something that would give me enough of an extra income to pay for my trip and continue to generate an income while I'm away. Thanks to everyone who has purchased my Ultimate Life Binder since it launched 3 months ago, I've been able to achieve that goal!

So I hope this video proves helpful for you. I'm excited to share my little success journey and help other people get better results with Pinterest and Etsy. Sometimes the only thing separating you from the results that you want is a little shift in focus and application. :)

Michelle Rohr15 Comments