Selling Printables on Etsy - The Shift You Have to Make to Have a Passive Income Mindset

Passive income is something I believe we should all be creating for ourselves, but it starts with having that mindset shift from being accustomed to trading hours for dollars to working on something that may not pay us right now, but has the potential to pay us again and again later.

In this episode of the Michelle & Aimee show, some of the things we talk about are:

* How Michelle is planning on reaching $10K per month in passive income (without adding stress or pressure!)

* How desperation is hurting your progress more than you think

* Why passive income is more than a "nice thing to have" (Michelle thinks it's our responsibility to create)

* How it's really a mental shift first to go from trading hours for dollars to focusing on passive income

:: Action Step to Take ::

Do the math. How much money would you like to make per year? What does that equal per quarter? Per month? Per launch? Per day? How much would you need to sell of your products in order to hit that number?