Selling Printables on Etsy - Why You Need to Take the Pressure Off in Order to Reach Your Goals

When you set goals for yourself, how do you feel? Excited, invigorated, bright, alive? Or bogged down with the pressure to figure everything out and anxiety over how much you don’t know? I believe that the more we can take that pressure off ourselves, the more we allow our intuition help us move forward.


In this episode of the Michelle & Aimee show, some of the things we talk about are:

* David Allen's teachings on the art of stress free productivity

* Not worrying about things more than we need to

* Creating an environment that supports the next version of you

* Turning your "slumps" into opportunities

:: Action Step to Take ::

Check out David Allen's book "Getting Things Done" as well as his videos on YouTube and see how you can practice "the art of stress-free productivity" in your life and business.